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Delivering new insights and perspectives for your business Delivering new insights and perspectives for your business

Are you looking for ideas to immediately strengthen your business?

BLUELAGO organises internal workshops about consumer insight and market growth. We use our experience and tools to guide you towards finding new market opportunities. Our approach is based on customer-centric thinking, which will give you a better understanding of what makes your customers tick and what their most important buying parameters really are. Through exercises and discussions, we will provide you and your team with practical, hands-on knowledge that can immediately be used to improve your business. Our workshops are held in English, but Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Dutch are also spoken. Please contact us for more information.

1. Consumer Insight Workshop

In this workshop we build the foundation for identifying and realising new sales potential. It is common to believe that one knows its customers inside out. However, we will challenge those beliefs and with the concept of consumer-centric thinking, help you to further improve your consumer knowledge. We will help you to define your customer segmentation and identify your most profitable consumer segments and new market opportunities.


Your most profitable segments and possible product alignment needs.

Consumer Insight

Know what makes your customers tick. Understand purchase decision factors.

New Sales

New market opportunities regarding sales and increased margins.

2. Market Growth Workshop

We build upon your (renewed) consumer insights and focus on targeting your customers most efficiently, using relevant sales argumentation. We also look at what makes your company, your products or services stand out from your competitors and how to best position yourself in the industry. The combination of true consumer insights and a strong description of your competitive advantage will give you a powerful message to be used in your future marketing efforts.

Competitive Advantage

Know your true competitive advantage and how to translate it to a strong message.

Product Positioning

Where and how should you positing your company in order to increase sales and margins?

Marketing Message

Combine the workshop results in a powerful, relevant marketing message!

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