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Growth Strategy

Whether your business is in an established position or in the process of building its market presence, securing your company’s sustainability and growth is critical.

Market and marketing strategy as well as the current stage of your company and your available resources in terms of time, money and people are examples of factors that have major impact on how to best develop your company.

Your strategy regarding growth and expansion needs to be realistic and clearly defined. We help you to develop your companies growth strategy and how to finance this growth, either through your own resources or external financing and make sure your company is investment-ready.

BLUELAGO Business Innovation - Helping you to grow your business.

Our Growth Strategy Services

Realising growth on existing markets can be done by introducing new products or services to existing customers or by finding new customers. Sometimes the choice is easy, other times it requires some home work in order to find what growth option would be most economic and efficient and would fit the current company situation.

Can you develop a new service or product, add a service to existing products, change your business model slightly or find other sales channels? There are many options. With our experience and tools, we help you to do the grass roots work and eliminate most of the guesswork and increase your chance of successful company growth.

What does it take to launch your product/service in a new market? What do you know about your competitors and your potential customers in that market (segment) or in other countries? Knowing your customer´s expectations, behaviour and even culture are key parameters for a successful marketing strategy.

We help you to find what triggers your customers desires and what creates your products or services attractiveness for the specific market in mind. With our tools and consumer insight processes, we can help you to quickly gain sales momentum on your new market.

Different company stages demand different financing strategies. Ideally, one finances growth from sales, but what if your current sales figures do not allow you to grow at the rate needed to capture a new market or to stay ahead of competition?

In order to find a financing strategy that is suitable to your business, that is financially smart and has a high chance of success, we will assess your company from an inside-out perspective (i.e. having an investor hat on) as well as from an inside-out perspective (i.e. from the company perspective). Combining these perspectives will give your company the best change to realise its growth potential.

If finding external funding to finance your company growth is your best option, the next step is to actually secure that financing. Not every idea or company is worth 1 million dollars and not every investor is dying  to hand over a check. In fact, attracting private funding for companies is very difficult and most young companies just waste time pitching to investors.

We use our experiences as investors to first identify which aspects of your company need to be improved in order to increase your company value and reduce investment risk before an investment round. That way, your company becomes more investment-ready and chances of securing financing increase substantially. Secondly, we help you to value your company using proven, financial methods, based on realistic operational forecasts. With this you will show your potential investors your entrepreneurial skills and realistic valuation principles, without selling yourself short.

For more information, please contact: Peter Vriesman, tel: +34 630 98 30 61.

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