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Balancing daily operations with long-term goals Balancing daily operations with long-term goals

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Many medium-sized businesses have developed nicely and established a reasonable or even strong market position. However, knowing that change is the only constant factor and, revenue is perhaps not as sustainable as it should be? Should one expand to new markets, exit a market, further develop exiting markets, develop and launch new products or reduce a product portfolio? It is very difficult knowing what to prioritise. Also, customer requirements keep changing and a company needs to act proactively or defensively in order to remain competitive. These are many difficult questions that compete with the daily operations.

BLUELAGO helps your company to take a step back to analyse its current situation. Based on this assessment, we suggest a solid strategy and actionable measures to improve your business. We act as your extra internal resources to implement the identified measures while you continue tackling the daily business challenges.

Examples of Client Engagements

  • Identified customer base and sales channels for an innovative consumer feedback service. Included customer segmentation, USP and positioning definition.
  • Created a financial plan, conducted due diligence (technical, financial, commercial and legal) for projects acquisition for a renewable energy and waste management company.
  • Consolidated, after acquisition, two customer service teams and systems into one efficient business support function for a sports/gym chain.
  • Rationalised processes, optimised product mix and costs for a sports nutrition company to stop loss-making operations.
  • Developed market strategy plan (market analysis, customer segmentation, value proposition, USP) for an IT company to enter a niche market. Resulted in doubled sales.
  • Managed fund portfolio, specialised in cleantech & IT early stage companies
  • Developed and implemented a turn-around strategy for a mid-size retail company. Main focus on market strategy as means to improve business results.
  • Conducted fundraising/financing campaigns for fund portfolio companies.
  • Made a strategic plan to prepare a professional services company for a potential trade sale with 3 years horizon.
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