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“By combining our multi-market knowledge and technical expertise, we help you to improve internal efficiency and to translate your product offering into true customer benefits. Our goal is to increase your profit.” “By combining our multi-market knowledge and technical expertise, we help you to improve internal efficiency and to translate your product offering into true customer benefits. Our goal is to increase your profit.”

About BLUELAGO Business Innovation

BLUELAGO Business Innovation is a spin-out from Breadfruit Invest and started its own operations in early 2013. Our company was born out of the real needs that we saw many of the companies that Breadfruit Invest worked with had and out of our experience that we could truly help those companies. Having been part of taking Electrolux, global leader in white goods appliances, from a product-centric mind-set to becoming consumer-focussed, we saw a strong need and possibility for companies to adopt a similar methodology. Our approach to helping our customers to rethink and improve their business is based on four principles:

As we believe in consumer insight as the backbone for business strategy, we build upon our collective backgrounds and experiences in consumer insights driven innovation, market- and growth strategies and operations to serve our customers.

From our work and living experiences in many different countries, we have seen that, even in today´s global world, no two markets are completely the same. Balancing a global product approach with local adaptations in market strategy is often required in order to successfully enter or improve on a foreign market.

A holistic, customer-centric view on the whole product flow, from innovation to after-sales is imperative for business success. Full alignment on the true customer purpose, from idea to product, incorporating company values and vision, is key. We often involve several BLUELAGO team members into our projects in order to be sure that we can assess and improve the complete product management flow.

While strategy and innovation is often associated with long-term goals and results, we understand the need for quick, tangible results. We therefore always strive to balance our customers’ short-term goals with their long-term strategic objectives. We avoid “powerpoint solutions” and instead focus on directly implementable measures working towards a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Team

Sandrine Vriesman, Managing Director BLUELAGO Business Innovation

Sandrine Vriesman PhD

Sandrine is founder and managing director of BLUELAGO Business Innovation. She started her corporate career at Electrolux, where she performed a wide range of global product development, marketing and management functions. She is an expert at innovative product development strategy, product- and brand management as well as market positioning and customer segmentation. Sandrine also played a key change management role in Electrolux’ early effort to transform the company from a technical driven industry towards a global consumer-centric organisation. She continued using this proven consumer insight based approach in various industries as management consultant. Driven by results rather than theories, her strength lies in the ability to combine her operational experience with hands-on market strategy experience. Sandrine speaks English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish and Dutch.


  • PhD Material Science, University Louis Pasteur, France
  • MSc Chemistry, University Louis Pasteur, France

Marcel Mendes da Costa MSc

Marcel is an experienced international management consulting and business development professional. Marcel has previously worked in strategic and operational roles for a PA Consulting and later as interim manager and independent consultant. He has worked on various levels within large multinationals as well as in start-up companies within the renewable energy, technology, venture capital, oil & gas, manufacturing and construction industries. His roles have always been characterised as the strategic link between market and technology, with emphasis on innovation and value creation. Marcel speaks English, Dutch, German, Icelandic and Spanish.


  • MSc Industrial Design Engineering, Delft, Univ of Techn, NL

Peter Vriesman, Management Consultant BLUELAGO Business Innovation

Peter Vriesman MSc, Tech Lic, MBA

Peter has been involved in several start-up companies and has been in the venture capital and early stage investments business since 2006. Prior to that he worked as change manager for e.g. Emerson and Electrolux  and as management consultant. His functional focus has been on growth strategy development and implementation, sales and marketing, financing strategies and investment management. Peter’s startup experiences means that he also sees the world through an entrepreneur’s eyes and can combine that view with an investor´s perspective, making him a confidant and therefore strong resource for our customers. Peter speaks English, Swedish, Dutch, French and German.


  • MBA, Stockholm School of Economics (HHS), Sweden
  • Lic. Chemical Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering, Delft Univ of Techn, NL

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