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Providing expertise to reinforce your market position Providing expertise to reinforce your market position

Large Corporations

Well-established companies usually have a solid foundation and long heritage to support their business and competitiveness. They have built strong, renowned brands resulting from a strong market position and their customers have been loyal for years.

However, customer’s behaviour, curiosity and eagerness to try alternatives are also affecting established businesses. New technologies are developed and innovative competitors are closing in. A traditionally strong position can suddenly become more fragile. Perhaps it is time to rethink and take new directions?

At BLUELAGO, we have a strong background in driving change in established corporations. We act as your expert resource to help you with e.g. (true) needs-based consumer segmentation, consolidate your product portfolio, connect consumer insight to product development, revitalise your brand image and secure matching product USP’s. Together with you, we create innovation product roadmaps to be shared and followed throughout the organisation, thus bringing the consumer at the center of every step, from product development to commercialisation and pricing.

Examples of Client Engagements

  • Established the supply chain strategy for vacuum cleaner division for a consumer electronics firm.
  • Developed a product development strategy for shavers and kettles for a consumer electronics firm.
  • Developed market strategy (market analysis, market entry strategy, partner selection, channel development, verified compliance with regulatory requirements) for a spin-off of a global oil and gas company.
  • Conducted a detailed technology assessment and economical analysis aiming at improved profitability for a Pan-European telecom provider. Resulted in major annual savings for the company.
  • Conceptualised consumer segmentation and created consumer insight based new market opportunities for consumer goods company. Those insights led to customer based product innovations, brand consolidation, aligned communication and market positioning.
  • Conducted market analysis (competition landscape, trends, consumer preferences) to define the strategy for product innovation, new design line and brand values for white goods company.
  • Conducted due diligence, deal flow sourcing and technology assessments for the new venture division of a global glass manufacturer and innovation leader.
  • Acted as changed management leader, analysed and consolidated business processes across European markets for a consumer goods company.
  • Conducted an extensive European market research project for a large water supplier to support long-term strategic plan and identify a relevant manner to diversify their services.
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