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What makes your customers really tick? What makes your customers really tick?

Consumer Insight

Truly understanding your target customer group and keeping a sharp eye on your competition and your market environment are prerequisites for a successful and sustainable business. New trends, evolving customer behaviors and desires as well as a changing competitor landscape are inevitably impacting your business.

Many companies have long neglected the consumer insight step, as they believed they knew their customer well enough. However, running or building a business on perceived understanding of customers often proves to be misleading or limited. Customer loyalty is not a given any longer and with the increasing choices that people have, they rapidly choose new alternatives more suited to their preferences or needs. Developing consumer insights is a process rather than a one-off action or an “off-the-shelf” solution. It is an exercise that should ideally be started in the initial phase of a company or product development and kept up to date.

At Bluelago, we help you to deepen your consumer analysis and to develop consumer insights that you can bring into product solutions that have a true up-to-date customer purpose. Consumer insight platforms will set the guidelines for your product development, market prioritisation and helps to open up for new and sometimes unexpected opportunities.

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Our Consumer Insight Services

Customer segmentation is a powerful tool to allow relevance, focus and alignment throughout the whole product chain, from concept idea, product development, design and pricing to market positioning and launch.

No company can successfully sell “everything to everyone”. No matter how much one would like it, in today´s competitive and fast changing environment, it just does not work any longer. Instead, by optimising your product offering for a relevant customer group, one can improve efficiency, margins and ultimately profits.

We help you defining the relevant, needs-based customer segmentation for your business. We will recommend and, when needed, drive the necessary research to validate the segmentation and define a typical customer description for your product/services.

After having segmented your customers in a relevant manner to your product category, you’ll need to get under the skin of your target group and understand what really makes them tick. What drives their curiosity, interest and purchase decision? You won’t find the answer by asking them, but you need to search for and unveil their deepest desires and unexpressed needs. With our tools and experience we will explore your customers’ needs/problem areas and create insight platforms that will be the backbone of your product and business development.

Another valuable way to get input on how your product/services should look like, what key functionalities are necessary – or which ones are not critical – for your customer segment is to understand how they interact with the products in their environment. Understanding how your customer uses your product will also allow to define or refine your Unique Selling Proposition. We will use our proven methodology to perform such analysis and create relevant product briefs to use in your business.

A regular review of all aspects of your market place that can impact your products and business is an absolutely must. Being on the forefront tomorrow requires to look for relevant trends today. Changing customer behaviour, socio-demographic developments, new technologies and legislation are examples of factors influencing your customers’ preferences and their purchase decisions. It is equally relevant to identify which key macro trends are affecting your industry as a whole as they might trickle down to your business eventually.

For more information, please contact: Sandrine Vriesman, tel: +34 630 98 30 61.

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