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Accelerating sales growth with a clear market strategy Accelerating sales growth with a clear market strategy

Early Stage Companies

At BLUELAGO, we all experienced first hand the challenges that young companies face. Everything seems to take more time and thus cash flow is negatively influenced. Therefore it is critical to have a clear and structured set of goals in place and a solid execution plan on how to reach those goals. We can help you to develop and adopt a consumer-centered market plan that allows you to immediately increase sales momentum and avoid making costly mistakes that would otherwise damage market entrance and company development.

Examples of Client Engagements

  • Defined market opportunity, created USP and positioned a revolutionary rehab product on a mature and traditional market.
  • Developed positioning, marketing message and online presence in 5 identified countries for luxury holidays properties.
  • Acted as Operations Director with accountability for product development, both hardware and software, certification and supply chain management for energy management company.
  • Supported a health clinic to reposition itself, defining its uniqueness and identify its target customers to better address them with appropriate message.
  • Performed market analysis for wine producer in France to help reposition its high-end wines on a declining market with shifting customer loyalty.
  • Performed due diligence and market study for the small appliances industry in Europe. Included overall market trends, market dynamics, competitive landscape.
  • Developed growth and financing strategy development for innovative start-up in the pulp and paper industry.
  • Established sales process and mindset in service company.
  • Designed and implemented a growth strategy to take a new technology company from prototype stage to first commercial success. Lead to successful public funding round that took the company to the first venture capital round.
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